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Serving as an Officiant and Planner for Weddings

My name is Hal Noble, and I am the owner of Noble Weddings LLC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have personalized events for all persons who desire to celebrate their love through marriage for over 40 years. Each person’s life is a story, and as a couple you begin a new life story together.

I provide personal care, attention, and involvement to every wedding I officiate. You can be sure that I will make your wedding day a moment you’ll never forget. Together with you, your family and friends, we will ask for God's blessings upon your marriage!

Each person’s life is a story that is consistently being written. When individuals fall in love, they become part of each other’s story, With this in mind, I believe that love truly is for everyone and that all love stories are similar and at the same time unique. No matter what each partner’s background is, are all united by LOVE.

The Story of My Journey

Hal Noble, the originator and owner of Noble Weddings LLC, is a graduate of Auburn University with a major in speech and communication. He received his Masters of Divinity from The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, an accredited seminary.

He has been an ordained minister since 1985. Yes! That’s a very long time to be available to couples of all ages and life circumstances to “tie the knot” in many different settings and locations. Hal has previously "tied the knot" in his own life and will be glad to share his own love stories as requested.

All through life, Hal has always loved water, whether lakes, rivers, streams, pools, and the ocean! A one-time sailor, Hal now enjoys power boating on the intercoastal waters and basking in the year-round beautiful South Florida weather. Of course, there are the alluring sandy beaches, quite different from the rocky beaches of Lake Erie near where he was raised in Northern Ohio.  For him, there is almost nothing better than finding the "perfect spot" to plant an umbrella, unfold his chair and enjoy the ocean breezes and the occasional swim.  

Hal is also involved with The Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida where his voice is joined with one-hundred-forty other men who sing God's praises and joyfully celebrate life and love through music.

Hal's heart desire is to assist all persons, gay and straight, to “celebrate their love!”

He has a combination of years of experience and professional skills listening to couples share their wedding dreams, exploring solutions to any concerns, and ultimately he stands before them as they exchange their wedding vows.

You will discover at the outset that your wedding plans (whether the event is a year away or “can you marry us today?”) begin with an awareness from Hal that your wedding is about YOU and no one else. This is a very special event and Hal will do all he can to make it just that. You are the focus. He understands that your special day may include family, friends, children, and pets!

His goal for your wedding or renewal of your vows is to be the most meaningful and memorable event as you mark the first day of your lifetime together as a married couple.

Hal has a supportive history of guiding couples as they choose the traditional vows of the church or as they lovingly write their own. These are the creatively chosen words you want to say to your husband or wife that lead to the pronouncement, “I now introduce you to…”

Whether you live in South Florida or want to make this region your “destination wedding,” Hal can assist in your other wedding plans, recommending florists, caterers, musicians, photographers, and vocalists.

He will work with you selecting your favorite place to gather with your family and friends to celebrate your love. It may be the beach, a setting among the beautiful palms, or that special place where you met. It’s “anytime, anywhere!”

Celebrating Your Love at the Core of Your Union

I aspire to celebrate the union of two people whose hearts beat as one. My goal is to assist all couples as they celebrate their love for each other.  A meaningful quote from Buddha regarding love states, "Love is a gift of one's inner most soul to another so both can be whole." God's love has been celebrated through the centuries and is heard from all His servants.


Noble Weddings LLC

Phone: 954-253-3547 | Email:

Licensed in the Entire State of Florida

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