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You can rest easy that I’ll handle everything, from your wedding destination to the ceremony itself.

Start your road to forever with help from Noble Weddings LLC in Fort

Lauderdale, Florida. 

Make sure to visit my website often to keep yourself posted on my upcoming events for future brides and grooms.

The Moment You Both Say "I Do"

Harold Noble, Wedding Officiant and Planner

Your big day is just a couple of nights away. I know you're excited to say "I do" and wake up every day with the love of your life beside you. Hold on to this dream as I plan with you for your dream to become a reality.

 Share your thoughts with me and I will begin making contacts with the vendors I know and trust. I will consult with you along the way to your exciting day!

If your needs for me are solely that of a wedding officiant, I can meet you anytime and anywhere.  All you need is to have your marriage license!

Whether we plan a large wedding, small, or medium, or if it is you two and your witnesses, we will pause, look at one another and then I will say, "I now pronounce you...."

Call me to learn more about what I can do for you and your special someone!


- Song of Solomon 3:4


Noble Weddings LLC

Phone: 954-253-3547 | Email:

Licensed in the Entire State of Florida

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